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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Differences Between Two Upstate Bus Sheds

You can read in my entry below - Comment On The Bus Shed - about the controversy surrounding the placement, design, cost and impact of the Rochester bus transfer terminal.

I could not find one facility in any of the 60 U.S. cities of similar size I examined that could act as precedent for the Rochester hub.

The only project that resembled Rochester's was in Boise, Id as it was similar in plan and placement to the Rochester plan, was not yet built and was raising the same concerns amongst their local developers who, like Rochester developers, insisted that the hub should not be placed in the center of a growing downtown residential and office district.

I did not pay much attention to the Syracuse hub and was not aware of their plan until  a wealth of information was discovered on the planning, design and construction of the new transfer station.

Well, it seems that my old hometown is once again showing us in the "Flower City" how to do it right...or, at least, less wrong.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Empire Building: South Mall Platform

Deep Within The Bowels Of The Platform Building - September 8, 1972
Edited Image, Original Image: Courtesy of NYS Archives