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Friday, March 4, 2011

Rochester's Past Futures: Safdie's RenSquare

Found this almost by chance.

If you forgot what RenSquare was supposed to be this will remind you.
It may not have been perfect - the basic plan for project was badly conceived to begin with - but it sure would have had some beautifully designed interior spaces.
The pedestrian access to St. Paul Quarter along the spine of the project along with the well thought out green space on the bus shed's roof speak to the maturity and talent of Mr. Safdie's design.

The later versions of the complex by "The Associates" kept the basic layout but lost all of the class and humanity of the "too expensive" original design.

I am sure that the real problems with the cost of construction were a combination of a bad economy, higher overall costs for materials and labor AND the fact that the theater - one third of the entire project - did not have the needed funds to be completed.
And, five years later, we are still waiting to hear an update from RBTL on their fund drive for the theater, now planned for the Midtown Plaza site.

At least we are getting an overpriced bus shed that no one wants in its planned location!
Who says we never get anything built in Rochester?

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